A new way of consulting!

  • Creative

  • Innovative

  • Sustainable

  • Trendsetting

As HR experts, you and your team are put to the test on a daily basis. However, you have only limited resources and know-how to find the solutions. The working world is changing and this is accompanied by increasingly complex challenges for HR.

Collaboration is the solution! 
This network is an alternative way to consulting!

As a member of the HR-Collaboration-Network, you have access to comprehensive know-how. Participate in the expert knowledge of other HR professionals so that

• Time will no longer be a critical factor 

• A lack of manpower and experience is not a problem 

• Your HR budget is protected


“Christina Haury is open-minded in her professional exchanges and combines
her knowledge with what she has in common to a whole future!”

Silvano G. Zampolli
(Managing Director,Restaurant, Zampolli – Offenberg)

“Christina Harry lectures experienced and professional. With this event, she made it clear to the participants that exchange and networking are elements and that everyone can learn from everyone. “

Antje Massa
(Digital Learning Portfolio Manager, Haufe Akademie Freiburg)

“Christina is a very focused and dedicated person. She is a delight to work with as she always seeks for a win – win for everyone.”

Ekhoe Ame-Ogie
(Head of Human Capital Development SunTrust Bank Nigeria Lagos, Nigeria)

“I can absolutely recommend Christina as a professional coach. She is incredibly personable and easy to connect with, plus she is an excellent listener and motivator. She truly believes you can accomplish your dreams. Christina helped me step outside my comfort zone and build confidence to achieve my goals.”

Caitlin Hylton
(Senior Digital Strategist – PwC’s Experience Center, New York)

“Souverän, kompetent und praxisnah.”

Iris Hollender
(Leitung Personalentwicklung EDEKA Südwest, Offenburg)



Friedenstraße 11
DE-77654 Offenburg (Germany)

+49 781 144-0