Eine neue Art der Beratung!

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  • Innovativ
  • Nachhaltig
  • Trendsetting

Als HR-Experten werden Sie und Ihr Team täglich auf die Probe gestellt. Sie haben jedoch nur begrenzte Ressourcen und Know-how, um die Lösungen zu finden. Die Arbeitswelt verändert sich und dies wird von immer komplexeren Herausforderungen für das Personalwesen begleitet.

Zusammenarbeit ist die Lösung!
Dieses Netzwerk ist eine Alternative zur Beratung!

Als Mitglied des HR-Collaboration-Netzwerks haben Sie Zugriff auf umfassendes Know-how. Beteiligen Sie sich damit am Expertenwissen anderer Personalfachleute.

• Die Zeit wird in Zukunft kein kritischer Faktor mehr sein

• Mangel an menschlicher Kraft und Erfahrung ist kein Problem

• Ihr HR-Budget ist geschützt


Christina Haury

Founder/CEO Haury Solutions

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Languages: German/English

Focal points:
She analyses complex issues creatively and with passion, provides inspiration for effective ideas and puts changes into motion. The expression “I help you do it yourself” is her basic attitude and philosophy of life. She takes a personal interest in embedding knowledge and skills sustainably in the company. Interaction and open networking form the basis of her work.
After studying educational science – with a focus on industrial education – Christina Haury passed on her extensive knowledge as a tutor at various universities. She was successfully responsible for personnel development in several well-known companies. Together with comprehensive and international training courses as a business coach, she has become a personnel development expert.
Most recently she obtained the international certificate of Certified Professional Coach in New York and London.

“My personal objective is to develop my client companies to the extent that they independently implement sustainable personnel development concepts.”

Nicole Reichman

HR-Expert/Network Agent

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Languages: German/English

Focal point:
-Contact person for network members

“It’s my passion to accompany and support people and organizations in their development. In my authentic and joyful way, I support you in our network in achieving your goals by bringing you together with the right people and organizations.”

Robert Gaiswinkler


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Languages: German/English

Focal point:
-Health training for executives and service providers

“Our body and soul are one and that’s how we should think of ourselves. That’s not always easy today. That’s why I put all of my experience and passion into helping people on their way towards healthy, balanced and powerful well-being.”

Bettina Böhle

Expert HR-Development/Coach

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Languages: German/English

Focal point:
– Personnel development
– Leadership development in an agile context
– Corporate culture / HR culture
– Personality Development (Certified LPP Coach)
– Systemic coaching and consulting – Team Development

„In my view, an organizational framework that contributes to the development of personality and competencies is a model for success. Trust, openness, feedback and collaboration are important factors. With more than 20 years of professional experience as a human resources developer, I ask the questions that get you moving and providing answers.”

Dr. Thomas Schaffrath-Chanson

Riskmanager/Business Consultant

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Languages: German/English/French/Spanish

Focal points:
– Presentations and moderation training
– Implementation of workshops Project management training classic
– Agile communication training

„The key to increasing our self-efficacy is in dealing with one’s own values ​​and the resulting self-confidence and self-confidence. Competencies in communication (person to person), moderation (by groups) or learning development of organizations are indispensable. „

Dr. Verena Liszt-Rohlf


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Languages: German/English

Focal points:
– Learning from internal and external biographies
– Failure culture and learning from other people’s errors
– International concepts of entrepreneurship training

“Personal well-being and growth is related to our biographical learning experience. A biographical analysis enables skills and patterns to be identified on the path towards a self-determined ‘entrepreneurial’ life. The biographical (re)view can give support especially in the setup or restart phase.”

Dr. Verena Moser


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Languages: German/English

Focal points:
– Leadership and communication
– Coaching
– Team building
– Mindfulness
– Personality profiles

“Following my graduation in mechanical engineering and after working for several years in the automotive industry, I discovered my passion for supporting people to achieve their personal and professional objectives both alone and as part of a team. Success means something different to each of us, but it is always based on good relationships with the people we live and work with: I’ll help you achieve that!”

Hans-Georg Haury

Business Consultant

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Languages: German/English

Focal points:
– Consulting (SME)
– Cost management
– Process optimizations

“Companies have three ways of increasing their competitiveness: becoming better, faster or cheaper. I point out ways that you can implement internally.”

Team Global

A global network of HR experts

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“Christina Haury is open in her professional exchange and connects her knowledge with the company. A sustainable approach to developing your own business!”

Silvano G. Zampolli
(Managing Director, Restaurant Zampolli – Offenberg)

„Christina Harry lectures experienced and professional. With this event, she made it clear to the participants that exchange and networking are elements and that everyone can learn from everyone. „

Antje Massa
(Digital Learning Portfolio Manager, Haufe Akademie Freiburg)

“Christina is a very focused and dedicated person. She is a delight to work with as she always seeks for a win – win for everyone.”

Ekhoe Ame-Ogie
(Head of Human Capital Development SunTrust Bank Nigeria Lagos, Nigeria)

“I can absolutely recommend Christina as a professional coach. She is incredibly personable and easy to connect with, plus she is an excellent listener and motivator. She truly believes you can accomplish your dreams. Christina helped me step outside my comfort zone and build confidence to achieve my goals.”

Caitlin Hylton
(Senior Digital Strategist – PwC’s Experience Center, New York)

“Souverän, kompetent und praxisnah.”

Iris Hollender
(Leitung Personalentwicklung EDEKA Südwest, Offenburg)


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